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Planting New Trees? 3 Ways To Reduce Their Stress During Their First Year

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The trees that you’re planting in your yard may experience stress during their first year of growth. Things like improper care, lack of water, and injuries can cause your trees to experience stress. If they are not properly cared for, the stress can eventually kill them. You can keep your new trees healthy and reduce the amount of stress they experience by following these easy steps. Provide Proper Drainage Your trees need to have good drainage. Too much water on the trunk can leave the tree susceptible to damage. Not enough water on the roots can dry it out. New trees require special draining for their first year. Here is the best way to ensure proper drainage for your new trees. Directions Dig a hole in your yard. Place your tree into the hole. Add or remove soil until...

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Here’s What To Look For When the Air Conditioner Stops Working

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It never fails. As soon as the hottest part of the summer arrives, your air conditioner is going to break down. The first thing you should do is call your service technician and schedule an appointment. The second thing you should do is use this handy list to try and troubleshoot the problem while you wait for repairs. There are a couple of things that might be preventing your air conditioner from working properly. Low Air Flow If your air conditioner unit seems to be working but you’re not getting air through the vents, you might have a dirty filter or clogged ducts. Try fixing the problem by following the steps below. Dirty Filter If it’s been a few months since you changed the filter on your air conditioner, this might be a good time to take care of...

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2 Tree Care Mistakes You Might Be Making

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After you plant trees in your yard, you might imagine a day when you can enjoy a little extra shade and better curb appeal. Unfortunately, that day might never come if you unintentionally kill those trees by doing the wrong things. Here are two tree care mistakes that you might be making and how you might be able to prevent problems. 1: Removing Too Much Foliage at a Time If you had several medical conditions that all required surgery, would your doctor recommend taking care of all of them at once? To keep you alive and well, most physicians would probably spread operations out over a period of time. Although this concept might make perfect sense when you think about your own health, when it comes to your trees, you might be tempted to throw common sense aside and...

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Four Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

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You can get most roof leaks repaired without a full replacement if you catch them early enough. Learn the four most common problems that lead to leaks, along with how to spot them. Problem #1: Broken Shingles Most roof leaks begin with a broken or missing shingle. Water gets under the remaining shingles and pools, making its way into the home. You don’t need a wind storm to suffer from damaged shingles. Common causes include: Sun damage, which leads to cracking. This often occurs on the south side of the roof where it receives the most sun. Moss growth, primarily on the north side of the roof. Moss can work its way beneath a shingle, where it lifts and breaks the shingle. Outside damage, such as from falling tree limbs. Normal deterioration. Asphalt shingles will eventually begin to crack...

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Restore Your Valuable Items With Antique Glass Repair

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Antique lovers may have antique mirrors or antique pieces containing glass artwork. Many of these pieces can be very valuable, but time has tarnished or damaged the glass. In order to restore your timeless pieces, you may feel you have to get the glass replaced, but that may cause the value to decrease. The other option is antique glass repair. The following are reasons why you should examine the possibility of antique glass repair. Repair Items Without Further Damage Letting precious items sit with broken pieces or cracks can cause further damage. Many times the item can be repaired without damaging the areas surrounding it. You may even find antique items while shopping and feel they are too damaged to be of any use. Having a professional glass repair specialist such as K & W Glass Inc look at the...

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