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Learn How To Regulate The Temperature In Your Attic When You Want To Turn It Into Livable Space

If you are remodeling your attic to turn it into more living space in your home, it is important to make sure that ducts are added to the space so that heat and air conditioning can be piped in. Attics can get very hot during the summer and very cold during the winter because there is no heat or air conditioning being pumped up there because the space is used so infrequently. The guide below walks you through what you can expect when you hire an HVAC company to make your attic a more comfortable place to hang out. 

Evaluate the Situation

The first thing that the technician will do is go into the attic to assess the situation and determine what can and cannot be done to make the temperature in the attic more enjoyable. The technician needs to determine if there are any fire hazards or risks that may be associated with funneling heat and air conditioning up to the attic.

Determine What the Proper Layout Should Be

The technician will then need to determine what the proper layout for the ducts and registers should be. You want to be sure that there are enough registers within the space to easily spread the cold or hot air throughout the entire area with ease. But, the technician also has to consider how limited the space is within the attic once the walls are added. Thin ducts may need to be used to ensure that there is still plenty of room once the ducts and drywall is hung.

Install a Thermostat in the Room

There needs to be a thermostat installed in the attic to ensure that the temperature can be properly regulated. Heat rises, and as it rises it can cause the attic to become much warmer than the rest of the house. Having a thermostat in the space will ensure that the temperature is comfortable at all times.

It is important to have a professional HVAC technician install all of the ducts, registers, and thermostats in the attic to ensure that it is done properly. You could create a fire hazard in your home if you attempt to do the work yourself because you more than likely do not have the skill or knowledge that the technician has. The entire job should be able to be done in a few days so that you can start using the space right away.