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Advantages Of Grass Pavers

Grass pavers are an alternative type of landscaping material that are made out of a honeycomb outline of concrete or plastic. The interior of each section of grass pavers is hollow, allowing for grass and other plants to grow in them. This unique method of construction gives grass pavers a number of distinct advantages when compared to more traditional natural stone pavers. Understanding what grass pavers have to offer your landscaping project can help make it easier for you to decide if they meet your needs or not.

Ease of Installation

Unlike traditional natural stone pavers, grass pavers are extremely lightweight, even when they are made out of concrete. This is because they only provide a frame for your pavers, and do not consist entirely of a high weight material. Additionally, the honeycomb pattern of grass pavers means that they can easily be cut to fit together, even within tight corners and areas. Both of these properties make grass pavers extremely easy to install, which can help reduce the amount of time and money that you spend laying down your pavers.

Ease of Maintenance

Grass pavers work just like regular grass does when it comes to maintenance. They will need to be watered to allow the grass within the pavers to grow, but can be cut with a lawnmower just like the rest of your lawn. Additionally, it should be noted that grass pavers do not need to be sealed, have their cracks filled, or be power washed like traditional hard pavers to maintain their appearance. This can significantly reduce your long run costs.


Grass pavers provide a much higher degree of drainage to your yard then stone pavers can. The plants within grass pavers will absorb water and pass it through the underlying soil. This can help reduce water pooling and flooding, which in turn can help protect your landscaping projects and the interior of your home (particularly your basement) from water damage.


Though not a unique benefit, it is still extremely important to note that grass pavers can be used for similar hardscaping purposes as traditional stone pavers can be. The concrete or plastic structure of grass pavers, when coupled with the weight of soil and plant matter within the hollow part of the paver, is strong enough to work as a driveway, pathway, or patio surface, giving you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to designing your paver project.

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