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Over The Edge — How To Know If An Infinity Pool Is Right For You

If you’re looking for a truly breathtaking, unique pool for your backyard, look no further than the infinity pool. This modern invention can make over any space, adding drama and a sense of luxury or mystery. But, what is an infinity pool and is it right for you?

Infinity Explained

An infinity pool — sometimes called a zero-edge, vanishing or disappearing pool — has one or two sides slightly lower than the others so that the water overflows to create the appearance that there is no edge at all. This water flows over the low side into a catch basin where it is pumped back into the main pool and recycled. The effect is particularly stunning when combined with a high vista, natural water views (like the ocean or a lake) or some other kind of existing fantastic view. 

It Can be Tricky

While they are gorgeous and ooze luxury, infinity pools are not for everyone, nor are they for every home. Cost is one big factor for many pool owners due to special engineering requirements and design modifications. Obviously, building a pool with an extra catch pool and extra pump requirements will cost more. Additionally, the weir wall (the short wall with spillover) doesn’t have in-ground structural support and may require more work. Even the terrain on which you’re building the pool has different requirements, including the right angles to avoid seeing the catch basin and the right slope for gravity. 

Is it Right for You?

So, is an infinity pool right for your home? To answer that question, you should consider a few other questions such as these:

  • What’s your view? If your available views don’t match well with the expansive and luxurious nature of the zero-edge pool, it may not be worth the extra money. In addition, if your backyard is filled with boring things that won’t reflect well in an infinity pool’s mirror-like surface, it may not have the impact you want.
  • What’s the home’s style?  Installing an infinity pool in a rustic landscape or beside a traditional colonial or pueblo style home may cause the pool to stick out like a sore thumb. Conversely, the owner of a modern style home with views of natural water or even a desert expanse may find the infinity pool to be the icing on the cake. 
  • Is your terrain right? Infinity pools have more structural needs and may require additional maintenance to keep them in good shape. If your area suffers from unstable terrain, storms or droughts, you may not want to risk damaging the ground or having nature damage your pool.
  • Finally, is it in the budget? While vanishing pools are no longer limited just to luxury hotels, they are still an expensive project. An infinity pool may cost twice as much as a regular deluxe in-ground pool, so be sure your budget can absorb the extra expense and any overages that occur. 

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