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Extend The Color Of Your Walls To Make Small Rooms Look Larger

Homes with small rooms can make you feel cramped and claustrophobic. Fortunately, a little paint and creative application can make those small rooms appear and feel larger than they really are. Below, you will find out how to paint the walls and outer portions of the ceiling in small rooms to give the room a larger, more open look.

Supplies needed for this project include:

  • Paint that is easy to clean and reflects light without showing every flaw {eggshell finish will do well}.
  • Rollers, brushes and trays
  • Painter’s tape
  • Step stool and/or ladder
  • Drop cloths or plastic carpet liner – plastic cling carpet liner works very well to protect carpeting because it stays in place as you move the ladder around.
  • Measuring tape or laser measuring device
  • Pencil

Select the Paint Color

For best results, choose paint colors that are light. This doesn’t mean that you have to stick with white or off-white, just something on the lighter end of the color spectrum that will blend nicely with your décor. Don’t use dark shades because they will cause the room to appear even smaller than it already is.

Measure and Mark

This project takes careful measuring. The measurements need to be exact the whole way around the room or it just won’t look right. You will be measuring a border that is painted around the edges of the ceiling. This will extend the height of the walls and cause the room to look larger than it is.

For a 10’X12′ room, extend the wall color about 12″ onto the ceiling—anything more than that will take away too much of the ceiling.

If you have a laser measuring device, you can reduce the time it takes to measure and mark. You will simply run the laser across the ceiling and place the tape along the beam. If you are using a measuring tape, measure from the wall towards the center of the ceiling about every 1 foot until you come to the other end of the room. Then, use those dots on the ceiling to run the tape evenly.

Paint the Walls and Ceiling

After the taping is complete, it is time to get busy painting. Cover your flooring, and begin with your paint brush. Use the brush to get in the corners and around the trim on the walls.

Roll your paint onto the ceilings and walls and let it dry. Follow up with one final coat and wait for it to dry. After the paint has dried, remove the tape and floor covering.

If you aren’t comfortable with your ability to complete this project on your own, talk with your local custom paint contractor (like Thompson Painting) for assistance.