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Four Tips To Deal With Leaks In Modern Roofing Membranes For Flat Roofs

Modern flat roofs are often made of a membrane system. This is a rubber-like material that is lightweight and durable. It can often outlast conventional asphalt roofing for flat roofs and has the benefit of being energy efficient. Even though it is durable, it is not invincible and can easily be torn or have punctures that cause leaks. Sometimes it can be hard to find the source of leaks on membrane roofing. Here are some tips to help find the source of water leaks and deal with them properly:

1. Locating Areas With Small Leaks

There can be many areas with small leaks on a roof membrane. This can be something as small as a pinhole sized leak. These problems are often caused by maintenance and people getting on the roof. So, you will first want to look at areas where there is access to the roof for maintenance. In addition, look in any areas where there is debris on the roof and near mechanical penetrations. These are some of the most likely causes of small leaks.

2. Finding Tears In Rubber That Need Repair

Tears are another issue that you may have with a rubber roofing membrane. Tears can be in areas where maintenance is done, but they can also be due to wear. Look in areas where there are seams in the membrane for any possible tears or the seams coming apart. In addition, look in areas where HVAC systems are located and materials that can tear the membrane. Debris from trees and storms can also be the cause of tears in a membrane roof.

3. Temporarily Sealing Leaks With Tape Until They Can Be Fixed

Once you find the leaks, you may want to temporarily seal them to prevent any further damage. This can be done by using a silicone caulking or a sealant tape, such as the tape used to seal around windows. This is something that can be done for a temporary repair until a commercial roofing service can come and do a more permanent repair or patch for your flat roof.

4. Preventing Water Traps And Puddling On Flat Roofs

There may also be water traps and puddling on your roof. This can be a problem since water will eventually find its way into your building. To prevent these problems, check roof drainage systems regularly and keep them free of debris. If certain areas do not drain well, you can talk to a roofer about doing something to help water drain from problem areas better.

These are some tips to help you deal with your flat roofing problems. If your roof is giving you trouble, contact a commercial roofing contractor, like Danny Odom & Son Roofing, to get help with long-lasting roofing repairs.