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Frequent Mistakes Business Owners Make When It Comes to Sealcoating Striping

When you have a parking area on your business property, it is very important that it is as safe as possible for both drivers and pedestrians. This is why sealcoating striping is a necessity. Without the appropriate markings, drivers and pedestrians would be left to guess where to park, where it will be safe to cross, and which areas should be considered driving lanes. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes business owners tend to make when it comes to sealcoating striping.

Mistake #1: Choosing to repaint lines on your own.

If you start to see that the various markings of your parking area are wearing away, you may be tempted to grab a can of spray paint to brighten the lines until you can get a contractor to your business for a professional reapplication. Even though it is important that the lines on the lot are visible, you could actually do more harm than good. The paint that is used for striping the lot is made with highly durable acrylic-based paint, but this paint can be broken down with the harsh chemicals in spray paint. Therefore, even if it seems as if you are doing a good thing, the effects will not last and may cause more damage to the paint than is already present.

Mistake #2: Prolonging necessary re-striping when signs of wear are apparent.

It is easy to disregard the striping needs of a parking lot and just assume that drivers should already be familiar with where to park or where to drive. However, this can lead to accidents on the lot and you could be held responsible if lines are not present.

Mistake #3: Not abiding by local regulations concerning accessible parking spaces.

Accessible parking spaces are a necessity in most business settings. If you are having your parking lot striped and marked, make sure your chosen contractor is familiar with local requirements concerning handicapped spaces. For example, if you have up to 25 parking spaces, at least one should be handicap accessible. These spaces are not just a requirement, but a good measure to cater to all of your customers.

It is easy to take the lines and markings of a parking lot for granted, but they are actually very important. If you need your parking area re-striped, be sure to talk with a contractor like Pioneeer Seal Coat LLC right away to keep your parking area safe.