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Top 4 HVAC And Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Tips

As spring turns into summer and the weather starts heating up, you need your air conditioner to work. But what do you do if you turn it on and it doesn’t work? Before you call a repairman, try troubleshooting the issue yourself. Air conditioning services can be expensive, so having some tips on hand can save you some money. Here are the top four HVAC troubleshooting tips:

1. The air conditioner doesn’t turn on

If you lower your thermostat, but the unit doesn’t turn on, there are two reasons this can happen. The first issue could be that your thermostat doesn’t work. The second issue that can cause this is a lack of power. To identify the problem, set your thermostat as cool as it will go to make sure it’s set to a temperature lower than that in your house. Next, check your fuse box to ensure the breaker for the air conditioner isn’t tripped. Check to see if the fuses are in good condition. Reset the breaker, and if necessary, replace the fuses. If your air conditioner still won’t turn on, you will need a repairman to replace the thermostat.

2. The air doesn’t feel cold

If your air conditioner turns on, but doesn’t seem cold, it may just need to be cleaned. If the filters get clogged with dust and hair, this reduces the amount of cool air that can pass through the system. Start by cleaning the filters of your air conditioner. Make sure all the vents of your central air system are open and clear. Next, make sure the power to the outdoor unit is off. Vacuum the fins and vents of the outdoor unit. Turn the power back on to the unit when you’re done. If the issue persists, an HVAC technician can replace the coolant.

3. The system leaks

If you notice more water leaking from your unit than usual, this indicates a clogged line. Dirt, dust, and debris can collect in the lines of the system and prevent water from draining properly. This water has to go somewhere, so it pools underneath the unit. A little water pooling from time to time is nothing to be concerned about, especially if it’s very humid. But if you notice a large pool, check the lines and vents for your system. If they are clogged, pull the obstruction out and thoroughly clean the line with a wire brush.

4. The air conditioner won’t turn off

If your system won’t turn off, there are several troubleshooting ideas you can try. When a unit won’t turn off, this usually indicates a lack of air flow to the thermostat. Your vents, fans, or lines are dirty. Check your vents for clogs or blockages. Vacuum the inside of the condenser. If this still doesn’t solve the issue, check the condition of your fans. If they are dirty, wipe them with a cloth. Check to see if they are bent or chipped. If they are bent, try to pull them straight. Clean your filters. As a last resort, apply a drop of oil to the motor of your unit.

If your air conditioner is malfunctioning, try to troubleshoot the issue. These four tips can save you money and sweat this summer. If the problems continue even after you’ve tried these things, contact a local HVAC company like Metro Air.

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