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Four Tips For Deciding On The Best Glass Shower Design For Your Remodeled Bathroom

Even if you live in an older home, the prospect of a bathroom remodel means lots of possibilities for your new glass shower. As with any other household object, the best glass shower design for you will depend on both your personality and your home’s previous layout. If you haven’t yet decided how you want your glass shower to look, consider these four tips.

For Smaller Bathrooms, Look Into Getting A Neo Angle Shower

If your bathroom isn’t particularly large, maximizing the space available to you without compromising shower quality is a top priority. In contrast to a square or rectangle shower that protrudes out of the wall, a neo angle shower has a small and unnecessary part of one corner corner cut out.

Some neo angle showers fit a small swinging door on the corner cut out from the rectangle. Others economize on breathing space by having a sliding door on one of other sides.

Take The Position Of Your Toilet Into Account

Some people like their toilet close to their shower door so they’ll have a convenient place to put their towels on. Other people don’t want to be reminded of a toilet while they’re taking a shower. Which camp you fall in should influence whether you choose to have a glass door or a protruding wall separate your shower head from your toilet.

Don’t Use An Opaque Type Of Glass With Large Plants

Large plants in a bathroom with space for them are great for making the room look more inviting. Tinted glass, rain glass, and all the other types of opaque glass conflict with this because of their emphasis on privacy.

For Natural Light, Consider Installing A Shower Window High Off The Ground

There’s no reason to minimize natural light in your shower just because it’s in a bathroom. Either a sunroof directly above your shower head or a window placed just below the ceiling will do wonders to raise your morale just before you have to go to start your day’s work.

If you decide on a window in your shower just below the ceiling, you might think that it’s a good idea to place it in such a away that it’ll let as much light into the rest of your bathroom as possible. But if the light is confined mostly to a shower with three solid walls and one opaque glass door, you’ll be able to focus on the light more easily and it’ll stick out in your mind long after you’re done showering.

Deciding on the perfect glass shower for your own particular bathroom can be a lot of fun. If you combine your natural enthusiasm with getting something new with at least a rudimentary knowledge of bathroom designs and layouts, you’ll almost certainly stumble upon some glass shower doors that you just can’t do without.

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