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Maintenance Tips To Keep Vinyl Windows Like New

Most people choose vinyl for their replacement windows because they are low-maintenance.  It’s certainly true that vinyl windows require far less care than do wood windows—there’s no paint, no weather-proofing, and no risk of rot.  While you won’t have to work too hard to keep your vinyl windows looking like new, there are a few important things you should know about caring for them.  

Clean Vinyl Door and Window Frames

Keep your vinyl window and door frames clean and shiny with simple mild dish soap diluted in water.  Harsh cleaners can damage the frames – avoid anything that is petroleum or oil-based.  You should also avoid using cleaners that are abrasive or include any kind of solvent.  These can damage the finish on your vinyl windows.  If you need something stronger and you’re not sure about a cleaner you want to use, test in a hidden area first or contact the manufacturer of your windows to find out if it’s safe.  Rinse cleaners away with fresh water and gently dry with a clean soft cloth.

Regularly Inspect Your Windows

Check the weatherstripping around windows and doors regularly to look for any damage.  You should also inspect all the hardware to make sure everything is in good working order, and nothing needs to be replaced.  Any damaged pieces should be replaced immediately to keep the windows functioning well and prevent further damage.

Keep Tracks and Well Holes Clear

Clean all tracks and well holes and make sure they are clear to allow windows and doors to open and close smoothly.  Debris in tracks can be damaging to the windows both functionally and cosmetically over time.  You can clean all of the tracks and well holes with the same soap and water mixture as the frame.  Don’t use any sharp objects to clear debris, as it can scratch the window’s finish.  Air blown through a compressor or even a hair dryer can help to clear areas that are hard to reach of dust and debris. Your vacuum cleaner can do the same, especially if you have an attachment with a narrow end.

Keep the Glass Clean

Clean your glass with products that are designed to safely clean glass without damaging frames should the cleaner come into contact with them.  Cleaning the glass regularly prevents buildup around the edges of the frame, ensuring that your windows continue to look like new.  Most glass cleaners on the market are safe for use with vinyl windows, but it’s always a good idea to spot test or call for advice first.

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