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Maintenance Tips To Keep Vinyl Windows Like New

Posted by on Dec 11, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Most people choose vinyl for their replacement windows because they are low-maintenance.  It’s certainly true that vinyl windows require far less care than do wood windows—there’s no paint, no weather-proofing, and no risk of rot.  While you won’t have to work too hard to keep your vinyl windows looking like new, there are a few important things you should know about caring for them.   Clean Vinyl Door and Window Frames Keep your vinyl window and door frames clean and shiny with simple mild dish soap diluted in water.  Harsh cleaners can damage the frames – avoid anything that is petroleum or oil-based.  You should also avoid using cleaners that are abrasive or include any kind of solvent.  These can damage the finish on your vinyl windows.  If you need something stronger and you’re not sure about a cleaner...

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