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Planting New Trees? 3 Ways To Reduce Their Stress During Their First Year

The trees that you’re planting in your yard may experience stress during their first year of growth. Things like improper care, lack of water, and injuries can cause your trees to experience stress. If they are not properly cared for, the stress can eventually kill them. You can keep your new trees healthy and reduce the amount of stress they experience by following these easy steps.

Provide Proper Drainage

Your trees need to have good drainage. Too much water on the trunk can leave the tree susceptible to damage. Not enough water on the roots can dry it out. New trees require special draining for their first year. Here is the best way to ensure proper drainage for your new trees.


  1. Dig a hole in your yard.
  2. Place your tree into the hole.
  3. Add or remove soil until the root ball is about 2″ above the opening of the hole.
  4. Fill the hole with dirt and pat it down firmly around the tree.
  5. Rake the soil surrounding the tree trunk so that it slopes down away from the tree.
  6. Moving about 18″ out from the base of the trunk, create a 3″ high berm around your tree.
  7. Fill the trench you’ve created with water twice a day.

Provide Secure Staking

When you stake your tree, it’s important that you allow enough movement for the tree to move.  Tying the tree too tightly can lead to gouges and rope burns. These injuries can leave your new tree susceptible to beetle infestations.


  1. Place one stake about 24″ away from your tree.
  2. Move to the other side of the tree and place a second stake 24″ away from the tree.
  3. Use twine or fabric ties to secure your tree to the stakes.
  4. Attach one tie to the middle of your tree and tie it to the stake.
  5. Move down about 8″ from the first tie and attach a second tie.
  6. Leave the ties loose enough to allow for movement and growth.

Provide Proper Pruning

When you prune your new tree, you should not make the cuts too close to the surface of the tree. Cuts that are made too close can weaken the stability of the tree. Close cuts can also introduce diseases to your tree. Before you make the cut, measure about 2″ up from the tree. That will leave enough of the branch to provide proper healing.

Your new trees are their most susceptible to stress during their first year. Reducing their stress can help them grow faster and avoid growth problems and infestations. For more tips, contact a tree care company like Done-Rite Tree Company Inc.

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